Daytona 500


Daytona International Speedway

Corporate sponsor None
First race 1959
Distance 500 miles (805 km)
Number of laps 200
Previous names Daytona 500 by STP

Daytona 500



Tips Before You Hire a Car Transport Company

If you are planning a move across country, you may have decided not to drive to your new location. This begs the question: How do I get my car there? The answer might seem very simple hire a car transport company. In theory, this solution is simple, you hire someone to drive or trailer your car to your new home, they deliver the car in the time frame promised and life is good. Right? Right, however, this isn't to say that all deals work out this well. Here are some tips to help ensure that your transaction goes as smoothly as possible.1- Research, research, research.

This is the single most important thing that you can do before you hire a company to transport your car. You will need to speak with references, find out if the car was delivered without problems. If problems did arise, how were they handled? You will need to know if anyone was unhappy with the service and what, if anything, the transport company did to fix the problems.2- Call the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of the area where the car transport company is located.

They will be able to tell you if any complaints have been logged against the company and what actions the company took to rectify the situation. This is a great way to find any red flags that the company may be hiding.3- Check too with the US Department of Transportation as these companies are kept track of by this part of the government. They need to be bonded and licensed before they are allowed to operate as a car transporter.4- When you choose the company that you are going to use for your car transportation needs, it is important that you speak with your auto insurance agent to determine if you will need any supplemental insurance to protect your vehicle during the move.This may be purchased directly through your agent or via the car transport company itself.

5- As a final note, do not leave any personal items in your car. The transportation company will not be liable for anything that is missing at the end of the trip. These tips should help you plan your long distance move and provide you with peace of mind that your vehicle will arrive when and where you plan.

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By: Peter Wallander

Daytona 500

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