Daytona 500


Daytona International Speedway

Corporate sponsor None
First race 1959
Distance 500 miles (805 km)
Number of laps 200
Previous names Daytona 500 by STP

Daytona 500



Traffic Violations

Traffic violations are the common traffic errors committed all over. People commit these mistakes with out the realization of their act. In spite of this unintentional ignorance, they are required to undergo a legal ordinance with out any excuse. The consequences can range from a fine imposition to imprisonment.

The traffic errors are categorized in to two genre, Moving / major violations and Non-Moving / Minor violations. The following offenses fall under the moving violations.Speeding.Reckless driving.Driving under the influence.These may be punishable by a loss of your driver's license, jail and/or fine.

Talking about the second class of violations, Non Moving infractions include.illegal parking.parking in front of a fire hydrant.parking in a posted non-parking zone or at an expired meter.

Let's look at the way the moving violations are dealt.A moving violation ticket will state either that you must appear in court giving you a time and place to appear or you will receive an envelope through which you can avoid a court. The envelope gives you three options.You can plead guilty, pay a fine and receive a conviction against your driving record.You can elect to attend Traffic School to avoid a conviction against your record.

You can plead not guilty to the charge and request a court hearing.For few serious cases under moving or major violations, chances that you can get arrested and even imprisoned after a court hearing if you are found to be guilty.In Non-Moving / minor offenses, a traffic ticket is normally issued. The ticket gives you two options: you can either pay the fine, which has an implication of your admission of guilt; or you can contest the ticket if you feel that you are not responsible for the infraction.Whether it is a minor or a major traffic violation that you have been accused of, it is important to take the right route if you feel that you are not guilty.

Paying a ticket or admitting guilt to a more serious traffic violation can have a serious effect upon your driving record and license as well as on your insurance premiums.Post effects of being found guilty of traffic violations include.Substantial increase in insurance premiums.License revocation for a period of time.

Heavy fines.Imprisonment.Demerit Points on your license, which means that you no longer have a clean license.This can affect things like job applications as well as applications for vehicle insurance."It's very essential to be proactive at knowledge up gradation of the changing traffic laws. This update might help the road users commit lesser infractions in future", as quoted by Williams, a road safety officer.

When asked on the ways to make this update happen, he says," Admission in a traffic school or a defensive driving is the ideal way to know the current happenings". In case you decide to join a school, please note that you should verify the state, county and court in which you got the ticket to see if it is an approved school.

.Shane Medley, the columnist is a famous spokesperson as well writer on the concepts of road and traffic safety.

Making her passion to orate as a profession, Shane as well guest lectures in few of the eminent traffic schools like

You can reach him for any piece of advice at

By: Shane Medley

Daytona 500

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